Once Strijp-S  was a heavily secured terrain packed with Philips factories. Televisions and radio's were assembled and inventions have been made. Only employees with a Philips badge could get on the terrain. That's why it was popularly called 'The forbidden city'. But times change and Philips shrunk drastically and dissapeared from Strijp. De walls were broken down. And since the beginning of this century it has the terrain, with more then 27 hectares of ground, developed itself to the hippest part of Eindhoven. In the industrial environment are countless of creative entrepreneurs, an indoor skate track, catering shops and many more.  (Photographer: Michelle Janssen)



Stella Vie is a solar powered car which can deliver energy back to the grid ánd can produce energy itself, in that case it is serving as a riding solar panel. Stella Vie is the most efficient electrical family car ever build, developed by students of the Technical University in Eindhoven (https://solarteameindhoven.nl/stella-vie/). During the demo of Interflex, Stella Vie will be a part of the flexible energy system of Interflex in

Strijp-S. Stella Vie will act as a "vehicle-to-grid" energy actor. On this moment a charging point is developed which can manage the car's energy delivery to the grid. (photographer: Bart van Overbeeke)



Werner van der Laan (Croonwolter&dros)

Simon Bushell (Sympower)

Ruben Benders (Jedlix) and Han Slootweg (Enexis)

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